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Welcome to the In School Suspension Class Room (ISS).

Students are assigned to ISS when they have made poor choices in behavior.  The purpose is to instill some discipline without significant damage to the educational process.  Other options are Out of School (OSS) assignment or Alternative School (AEP) assignment.  Students are assigned to ISS by one of the school principals. The principals are Mr. Janacek (x1300), Mr. Abbe (10th & 12th x1304), or Mr. Bremer (9th & 11th x1303).

I will be happy to assist you any way I can, but, in most cases, will refer you to one of the principals listed above as they have the final word over ALL ISS issues. smiley

Classroom Rules for ISS 

 All Rules in the Student Handbook apply to ISS.

 ISS Rules

                    * Students must bring all of their books, binders, etc. to the ISS room. 

* All assignments will be graded by the student’s regular teacher.

* Students will sit up, face the designated direction and do their work unless they are given permission  to  do  otherwise.

* Students should raise their hand to get permission before speaking or getting out of their seat.

* Students may not talk, sleep (or put head down, or support head in any manner,) throw things, make noise, or leave the room for any reason.

* Students may not give anything to or take anything from another student  without permission. (This includes students who are not assigned to ISS!)

* Items which are required for class work are the only items allowed on the desktop or in the lap.

* All personal notes will be confiscated, sender and receiver will each receive 1 point.

* Reading for pleasure will not be permitted unless all other assignments are completed.

* No one will be permitted to use the restroom after 3:00 each day.

* No one will be permitted to go to the Library (Library rule).

* Eating or drinking in ISS is not permitted.

* Violations of rules will result in point deduction at the Class Monitor’s discretion.  Three (3) points in one day will result in a Written Discipline Notice.

* No student in ISS may assist another Student with Assignments

                   * Students will not be permitted to use the Restroom during an Exam.

                   * Repeated violation of same rules will result in Escalated Discipline.


              * Students may not use the vending machines or soft drink machines at lunch.

              * Students should purchase everything they want from the cafeteria and obtain necessary supplies before they sit down to eat.

              * ISS will leave the cafeteria at 11:20.

              * ALL ISS Rules apply while in the cafeteria.



 If a student is absent, or leaves early, FOR ANY REASON, this time must be made up before the student may return to their regular classes


               8:00 am   -  Report to the ISS Center on ALLSchedules

               11:00 -  Lunch

               3:49   -  Class dismissed

 Extra-Curricular Activities

Students who are assigned to ISS are not permitted to participate in or attend any school-related activity during their ISS  assignment.  This includes practice for these activities.  The ISS day runs from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm of each day assigned,     including weekends.  Students who are "in" ISS on Friday cannot attend ANY school functions scheduled over the weekend. 

 ISS Classwork

 Assignments will be given to you as they come into ISS and will be logged.  Return completed assignments to the ISS Teacher’s desk with name of the teacher of the class for whom the assignment is done at the top, along with your name.  If you do not do this you will not receive proper credit for completing an assignment and may have to do it over. 

Incomplete assignments will not be accepted

 Write all Questions then write the answer.  Use pencil for math assignments.

 E2020 assignments cannot be unblocked in ISS.  You must e-mail your instructor from within E2020 and wait for results.

 All assigned work must be completed before student is allowed to exit ISS.



 Same rules apply as in Regular School.  If you have not brought medication, it cannot be provided for you.

 The Learning Center (TLC)

 Students will be allowed to go to TLC but, no one will be permitted to go on their first day of an ISS assignment (TLC Rule).

 Computer Use

 Computer use is limited to active class assignments, at the Class Monitor’s discretion – any other use is strictly FORBIDDEN.  This includes but is not limited by:

                Sending E-mails without permission,

                Cruising the Internet,

                Other activities on the internet forbidden by school rules.

 Computer use privilege may be suspended at anytime upon failure to adhere to the Computer use rules.

Electronic devices (cell phone, laptop, tablet etc.) are NOT Permitted to be used in ISS.  They are subject to being confiscated.  Cell Phones must be placed on monitors desk before entering the restroom.


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