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Love that Sticks

By Casey Dworaczyk

            The school administration is filled with some of the hardest working people in the state of Texas. They have the task of providing the most optimal learning environment for their students, which can be overwhelming.

            Members of St. Michael’s Catholic Church put positive sticky notes on the doors of teachers and principals to show their appreciation for them.

            “A Christian radio station, KSBJ, has a program called #lovethatsticks, which is where you put a positive message on a sticky note and place it in a random place such as someone’s car, door, etc,” Junior Scotlyn Lowe said. “The goal of the sticky notes was to remind them of how loved they are.”

            When Lowe heard about this movement, she thought it would be great to bring into her school. Lowe told her church about it, and they all jumped on board. Many of the church members started making positive sticky notes. The next day, Lowe and other students started to put up the notes around the school, especially on the doors of the administrators. The notes were well received by the administration.

            “I had a couple teachers and principals come up to me and tell me how much they needed it,” Lowe said. “They said they were having a hard time and the sticky notes really helped them.”

            The sticky notes gave the staff new life. This shows that a little drop of positivity can completely boost someone’s spirits.

            “I hope the sticky notes were effective in giving hope to the administration and staff,” Lowe said. “Their purpose was not only to give new hope, but also to remind them that they aren’t going through this battle on their own.”




Needville is Heading to State for CX Debate

By: Ashley Martinez

     On Saturday, February 10th, the Needville High School debate team competed at Policy “CX” Debate District held in El Campo, Texas.

     The teams that competed that day consisted in pairs. Those pairs were Keithly Vite-Morales and Madison Smith, Maximus Renteria and Ashley Martinez, Patrick Dikeman and Stephen Ashburn, and Alyssa Cornejo and Mia Yates.

     The long day included four intense rounds where each team had to either affirm or negate this year’s CX Resolution of increasing/regulating education here in America. Ashburn, a first year debater, says “Debating a topic like education has been very interesting this year like it felt a bit weird to actually be against the resolution”, The Needville debate team has participated in at least four other tournaments prior to District including places like Van Vleck and Nederland. “Competing in other tournaments throughout the school year has helped both me and my partner’s confidence improve when going into a round”, says freshman debater, Mia Yates.

     In the past four years, Needville has been known to take at least first and second place for 4-A District, guaranteeing their chance to compete in State. This year, Needville was able to take first place, second place, and fourth place, having another chance to not only compete, but hopefully to place in State. “I am so proud of everyone today. They did such an amazing job” said Adam Kohleffel, the debate teacher at Needville. The two teams that will be competing in State are seniors Keithly Vite-Morales, Madi Smith, and Ashley Martinez and Sophomore Maximus Renteria. 

National Honor Society Students Inducted

By: Grant Maresh

            31 juniors and 2 seniors were inducted into National Honor Society (NHS) on Thursday, February 1. The students were inducted into the society based on the 4 pillars of NHS: Service, Leaders, Scholarship, and Character.

            NHS President Madeline Young started the induction with a welcome and some brief information on NHS. Then, Vice President Mary Jo Stavinoha, Recording Secretary Delaney Orsak, Treasurer Elizabeth Eversole, and Business Secretary Taylor Ann Laman addressed the individual pillars of NHS.

            The incoming students where then called onto the stage on by one to “sign in” by signing a small book that is filled with hundreds of signatures from former NHS members and to receive their certificates.

            Principal Steve Adamson then gave a short address to the students and the ceremony was followed with refreshments in the lobby.

            The following students were inducted: Jack Basden, Cami Buell, Jordan Cheek, David Dick, Samantha Dostal, Casey Dworaczyk, Savannah Gless, Cameron Harris, Trent Holub, Walker Kalinowski, Daniel Kluttz, Jayme Krauss, Abigail Rios, Bella Ruggeroli, Kasi Schneider, Madison Schultz, Gabriella Serrano, Alexis Smith, Hunter Dworczyk, Mia Flores, Dionne Freund, Anna Gadway, Claudia Garcia, Eutimio Garza, Maycie Lollar, Scotlyn Lowe, Grant Maresh, Brianna Nesvadba, Baley Stavinoha, Kennedy Talamantez, Mason Todd, Maggie Wandell, and Kaitlyn Zacek.





HOSA Fundraiser

By Casey Dworaczyk

The Health Occupation Students of America are hosting a fundraiser which started on February 13th. The HOSA Students, led by Mrs. Wieghat, held the fundraiser to alleviate cost of field trips due to the students having high costing dues. It is not a typical fundraiser however, it is a fundraiser involving the use of flamingos. The HOSA Club has constructed this Christmas tree shape of pink flamingos of various sizes with blue jay blue accents. The process of the fundraiser begins with Mrs. Wieghat rolling the flamingo contraption into a selected teacher’s classroom. The only way for the teacher to get the flamingo tree out of their room is to collect $5. With a collection of $10, the teacher is allowed to select another teacher to have the flamingos delivered to. This fundraiser has been a lot of fun for the teachers and students of the high school.



Zach Marullo Senior Scene

By: Brad Dietrich

            Zach Marullo, or otherwise known as “Zacharoo” by his mother, was born on May 5th, 1999 to Steve and Anita Marullo. Zach also has two siblings, Logan and Kayleigh.

            While at Needville High School, Zach has largely participated in theatre. In fact, he states that it is one of the biggest influences on his life so far, as he wants to be in the entertainment business. Zach has received multiple acting awards for his performances for the theatre group. He has also participated in the Needville Blue Jay Band for all four of his high school years.

            One of Zach’s most memorable moments was him playing the role of the “match-maker” in the high school’s rendition of the popular Disney movie, Mulan. 

            After high school, Zach would like to go in to the entertainment business, but first he plans to study at the University of Houston. In five years, Zach sees himself starting out as either a comedian, or a comedic writer.



Samantha McNeely

By: Ashley Martinez

Samantha “Sammy” McNeely was born on July 21,1999 to parents Virginia and Noel McNeely. Sammy has one brother, whose name is Noel Jr.

Sam’s mother, Virginia, has influenced her life the most. “She has helped me through so much”.

While a student here at Needville High School, she was a part of the P.A.L. program and took photographs for the boys’ football,baseball, and basketball team. Sammy also does photography outside of school.

Sam’s most memorable moment consists of “getting the tunnel picture for football two years in a row”, her most embarrassing moment was tripping down the stairs sophomore year.

After Sam graduates from Needville, she wants to go to Wharton County Junior College for her basics then transfer to the University of Houston for her business degree. In five years, she sees herself at the University of Houston while in ten years, she sees herself traveling the world.

Sammy’s favorite college sports team is the University of Houston. She really loves University of Houston.

“My dream vacation is to be able to fly to New Zealand and enjoy life there”. Her favorite show is Criminal Minds.

Samantha is excited to graduate but will miss some of her classes and friends like Forensic Science.

Zach Marullo
Samantha McNeely

Brody Gussert Senior Scene

By: Jonathan Dominguez

Brody Chase Gussert was born on January 7th, 2000 to parents DeAnn Walker and Steven Gussert. Brody has 4 brothers, Garret, Jaren, Jade, and Josh.

 Brody says his parents are the people that have influenced him the most growing up because they taught him to be an amazing person. His mother helped Brody develop his amazing artistic ability that Brody possesses.

After high school Brody plans to take a year off and get a job. Then he plans to go to college either at the Art Institutes of Houston or Full Sail University. Then after college Brody would like to get a job at a movie or game company as a concept artist. 


Briana Alexis Kveton Senior Scene

By: Ashley Martinez

Briana Alexis Kveton was born on November 19, 1999 to parent Michael Kveton. Briana has four siblings: three sisters and one brother named Anna, Crystall, Angela, and Anthony. The most influential person in her life is her older sister, Crystall. “She taught me that strength, kindness, and devotion will help get you through life.”

While at Needville high school, Briana has participated in choir and in HOSA. Her most memorable moment at Needville was singing on stage during her choir concert. “The medical classes, choir, and the library are what I like most about Needville High school.”

            After High school, Briana wants to go to community college first, then transfer to a bigger college so she could get her degree in psychiatry.

            In five years, she sees herself in college whereas in ten years, she sees herself paying off all of her college debt.

            Kveton’s dream vacation is to be able to visit Great Britain and all the countries within.

            Her favorite TV shows are The Office, South Park, Arrested Development. Her favorite song is Believer. 


Anna Nicole Kveton Senio Scene

By: Ashley Martinez

Anna Nicole Kveton was born on November 19, 1999 to parents Mike Kveton and Maria Kveton.  Anna has three sisters named Briana, Crystall, and Angela and one brother named Anthony. Her older sister, Crystall, has most influenced her life. “She taught me to stay away from bad choices in life, because it isn’t worth it. I’ve learned a lot from her and cherish it.”

            Kveton has participated in choir throughout her high school years.

            Her plans after graduating high school include trying to get into a vocational school. She also would like to go to Florida and work at some pastry shops.

Anna’s dream vacation is to be able to go to Great Britain to explore all the wonderful sights offered. A favorite song of hers is ‘The Weekend’ by Modern Baseball.

Cheyenne Lynn Krobot Senior Scene

By: Brad Dietrich

            Cheyenne Lynn Krobot was on March 31, 2000 to Monique Charles and Leon Krobot. She has three siblings, Christian Krobot, Stoniebrook Charles, and Evoni Charles. Cheyenne states that her grandma has also played an influential role on her life because “she is the most kind-hearted and faithful person.”

            After high school, Cheyenne sees herself being a paramedic in Corpus Christi, as she wishes to help others in need. Cheyenne’s dream vacation is to go to a beautiful destination named Bora Bora. 


Cale Legendre Senior Scene

By: Brad Dietrich

            Cale Legendre was born on August 31, 1999, to Danita and Clint Legendre. Cale also has one brother, named Rylan, and one sister, named Tayah. A major influence on Cale’s life is his dad because “he taught me how to be a man, and he always stood behind me in anything I did.”

            While at Needville High School, Cale has participated in football, soccer, track, and powerlifting. Outside of school, Cale was also active as he participated in select football. His most memorable moment at Needville was “when there was a search party for an escaped king cobra at the school.” Cale also had a most embarrassing moment which was when he got “leveled” by B.J. Baylor on a punt return during a football game against Wharton. Cale’s favorite thing about Needville High School is the football coaching staff.

            After high school, Cale wants to play college football, while also studying to be an engineer. In ten years, Cale sees himself starting a family. Cale also wanted to share one of his favorite quotes that has inspired him to be better than everyone else, “football is an easy game, when you’re better than everyone else.” 


Kailey Nicole Labay Senior Scene

By: Ashley Martinez

Kailey Nicole Labay, also known as Kay, was born on October 19, 1999 to parents Cynthia and Jeff Labay. Kailey has two brothers whose names are Cody and Collin. God and her religion has influenced her life significantly. “Whenever I am in trouble, I pray”.

The activities that Kailey had participated in while a student at Needville High School is Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Track. “I went to regionals for Track and got ‘All-American’ for cheer”. She also participates in Club Volleyball outside of school.

Her most memorable moment in high school was when she had gone to regionals for track. Her most embarrassing moment in high school was when she had fallen doing hurdles in front of people. “What I like most about Needville High School has to be the family like feeling the town has”.

Her favorite sports team are the Houston Astros because she likes Baseball and their team colors. Labay’s dream vacation is to be able to go to Bora Bora.

After she graduates from high school, Kailey wants to attend college and make a career from being a radiologist. In five years, she sees herself having a secure job while also finishing college. In ten years, she sees herself having her own family and her own house. “I really love my family and friends”.