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Classroom Number: A209
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979-793-4158 x1952
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10:59 - 11:47
Lauren Jurek


Welcome to my class!  I hope to bring my knowledge and passion for health sciences into the classroom, and give you the foundations you need to prepare yourself for a career in health care.



I am teaching 3 courses this year:


Medical Terminology - This class is intended to be a building block for those students who know they want to pursue a medical career. After the completion of this course, the students will have been taught the basic design of medical terminology and how to remember the meanings of 350 Latin and Greek word parts or elements. They will then be able to easily interpret and understand more than 11, 000 complex medical terms. 

Health Science Careers – The purpose of this class is to expose those students considering the health industry as a career, the many different options available to them.  It is a hands-on lab based classroom.  The students will have a very good understanding of what each career has to offer.  At the end of the school year each student will have a clear picture of the medical field and know whether or not it is something they want to pursue.

Principles of Health Science - This course is designed to be the foundation for students interested in working in health care. This course will explore a variety of health career opportunities and will develop health-care specific knowledge and skills in effective communication, leadership, medical history, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology.