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Please fill out this application form, attach a check and send it in.  It is that easy!!! 

All monies collected from membership go directly to our NISD athletes.

Blue Jay

Athletic Booster Club

What are we?  The Needville Blue Jay Athletic Booster Club is a nonprofit organization established to support the NISD Athletic program and its student-athletes.

What we do:  Funds are raised throughout the year with various activities such as the Blue Jay Spirit Store, concession stand sales, and fundraisers. Proceeds from these activities are then used to assist and enhance NISD Athletics with items such as but not limited to:  equipment, supplies, and uniforms.  We also award scholarships each year to eligible graduating athletes. By providing these items the Blue Jay Booster Club minimizes expenses associated with the athletic program that may not be available otherwise.

 Membership o Option 1: Annual Membership (must be renewed every year)   Cost:  $50/annually o Option 2: Lifetime Membership (one-time fee, covers all children;  Cost:  $150/once includes plaque & yearly name recognition in football program)

NOTE: Both options have a deadline of March 15th of the enrolled school year.

 Parent Participation:

o Help with: Blue Jay Spirit Store, concession duty, hospitality, fundraising, etc.

o Enhances athletes’ scholarship consideration upon graduation

 Scholarship Eligibility o Student athlete must have participated in athletics during all 4 years of high school o Parent/guardian of student athlete must be member for the same 4 years

 For More Information o Contact a Board Member; for list of Board Members, visit: o Attend a Meeting:  Meetings held every first Monday of the Month; 7pm at NHS LGI Room

Thank you for your time, support, and commitment to our program; we hope to hear from you soon!

Needville Blue Jay Athletic Booster Club


Needville Blue Jay Athletic Booster Club 2017-2018 Membership Application Form

Name: ________________________________________________________

Business Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________


Cell Phone: ________________________ Email: _______________________

Children’s names and grade (only one application needed for all children listed):

______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Check your membership choice:

_____ $50 Annual Membership

_____ $150 Lifetime Blue Jay Membership (single payment, includes plaque)

Parent Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________

**Your signature indicates that you acknowledge the information on this page will be shared with the Needville Blue Jay Athletic Booster Club for reasons of volunteer work, fundraising, concession, hospitality, and/or other athletic related events.

Please make checks payable to: Blue Jay Booster Club

**all NSF checks are subject to a $25 handling fee**

Please staple or tape check to this form and return to either:

  Mike Giles, Athletic Director    Jeanna Valenta, Membership Coordinator

  Needville High School     PO BOX 892 

  P.O. Box 412      Needville, Texas 77461

  Needville, Texas 77461

Date Rec'd: _____________ Amount Rec'd: _____________

            Payment Type: __________

Ordered: __________ Delivered:  __________

Plaque:   Y or N

Data Entry: __________